You can only turbo charge your marketing when the engine is in good working order. I always check the full marketing set up before I apply the tactics that will drive long term continued growth.

Get the Foundations in order

I’ll check what you’re currently doing in marketing. Then I’ll make sure there’s a clear thread running through it and it’s solid. Any weaknesses I’ll fix them. Instant results. I can make quick assessments and offer actionable input to give your communication efforts more focus.

Think, Say, Do

This is the Marketing Strategy and tactics part. What are the choices you need to make to accelerate the business and how do you do it. This normally covers off Brand and Growth activities.

Train the Doer

It’s expensive to hire experienced people into your team and you don’t have time yourself to train junior marketeers. That’s where I come in! A full week onsite, A day a week or on a project basis. Let’s discuss how I can kickstart your marketing team