Why should you listen to me?

For more than fifteen years, I worked at Global Top 50 brands like Canon, adidas Group, and Philips, building and shaping large marketing teams and budgets. In many instances, this meant starting a team from scratch, testing and learning what it takes to keep a big brand growing.

I then went to the other end of the spectrum, working with newly founded start-ups in an accelerator program designed to provide these start-ups with the foundations for growth.

I  received a lot of ad-hoc requests and realized there were patterns in what start-ups needed. I condensed my knowledge, stripping it down to the basics, defining the hard core of what works and what doesn’t—with no big budgets, no big teams. Everything quick and easy to implement.

Since deploying my approach with the scores of start-ups I’ve coached, these businesses have gained...

"I help startups in every industry, B2C and B2B, tell me what you need and I’ll get started on helping you grow. "